Crystal Infused Healing Essential Oil Products

Specialized Process


All essential oils personal care products are hand-crafted with the finest ingredients and infused with charged crystals and prayers for healing and well-being for all of our clients. 


Bring the SPA Home


Hand Crafted Pure Essential Oil Blends are custom blended with the best carrier oils such as coconut, jojoba, grapeseed, and Vitamin E.  The result is beautifully scented, healthy natural products for your skin, hair, hormone, sleep, focus, and more.   

Cruelty free, gluten free, paraben free, free of all chemicals. Vegan (with the exception of Organic Beeswax), 

Free Diffuser Bracelet with orders over $25


Bracelets available while supplies last. 

Samples of our natural health boosting  fragrances are included with every order.

Body butter samples will also be included while supplies last. 

Customer Feedback


We love to hear from you. Please share your experiences and feel free to reach out with any questions or special requests.  Let us know if there is a problem we can solve for you. Also, sign up for our mailing list at the bottom of this screen for occasional specials and informative articles. Wishing you the ultimate wellness! 

Cellulite melting scrubs, butters and massage oils


All of our body butters, scrubs and massage oils are hand-crafted with all-natural ingredients and contain 100% therapeutic grade essential oils that have been infused with activated crystals. After using our Cellulite Scrubs or Exfoliating Scrubs, your skin will be baby soft and smell fresh and beautiful for hours!

Hair and Scalp Care


Effective hair growth oil, scalp repair formula for itchy scalp, and a relaxing lavender night cap treatment. All three of these formulas stimulate the hair follicles and boost your mood. 

The ingredients in our Hair Growth product were used in a successful study published by the National Institutes of Health. Participants grew back a significant amount of hair after 7 months of daily use. 

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Science Supports Mood Boosting benefits of Pure Essential Oils

Essential oils help to change our mood in different ways. Their scent molecules go directly to the limbic system and cause neurotransmitter release of noradrenaline. This causes you to feel happiness, euphoria or a sense of well-being.

Once scent molecules reach the limbic system via inhalation, neurotransmitters are released. Some of the possible neurotransmitters include endorphins, serotonin, enkephaline, and noradrenaline. Each of these neurotransmitters has a particular function in the body.

Chemicals Applied onto Your Skin are Absorbed Straight into Your Blood Stream

Our skin is our largest organ and it's not impermeable. Anything that you put on your skin absorbs into the pores and travels into the bloodstream and into your organs. 

Some areas of the body have a 100% absorption rate. Why put harmful chemicals on your skin when you can use all-natural products that help your physical and mental health? Learn more about the risks and how to avoid them.

Early Menopause Linked to Daily Use of Personal Care Products, Plastics and Household items


Women with higher levels of personal-care chemicals in their bodies experienced menopause two to four years earlier than women with lower levels.

Early menopause means more time for hot flashes, mood swings, and memory fog, and increased risk of osteoporosis, heart disease, and breast cancer.


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